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Monday, June 7, 2010

Flower Pot Gadget

Last year, I fell for a gadget at some festival we went to in the Spring. Yep, I can use that...I've got to have it. Well, it sat all year in my garage. Ever done something like that before? So spring rolled around this year and I had the "ultimatum" talk with myself.

The gadget is a pole like thing that fits in a container(didn't take a pic before I planted the stuff) then stack other containers on top, next, you plant some flowers in it and finally, you get something that looks like this. Well, at least this is how mine turned out. Theirs looked way better, but maybe by the end of the blooming season this one will give theirs some competition.
Ever bought a gadget that you just had to have, then didn't use it or gave it away?  Send me a comment about your gadget.


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