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Monday, October 4, 2010

Gluten-Free Cooking Update

So far, so good.  I'm in the facination stage of cooking gluten-free.  Still learning the brands and what to substitute for things that I'm used to using when I cook.  So far, the gluten free things I've made are brownies, Sugar Cookies, Chicken Pot Pie(w/o traditional crust, mashed potatoes were the crust), Brisket, Meatballs and Spaghetti, and a Quinoa Black Bean and Corn Salad.  Delicious!  So far, no complaints from the family, as in, the family I work for.  My husband tried the Chicken Pot Pie and liked it.
This week the menu includes Dairy Free and GF lasagna, Pot Roast, Tacos and Fettucine Alfredo.  This will be my first time cooking without REAL cheese.  Not sure what to expect; have read mixed reviews on the dairy free cheese.  That just seems like an oxy moron to me.  Have you ever cooked with Dairy Free Dairy products?


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