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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Family Reunion

My mother's father's side of the family gets together for the annual family reunion on the first Sunday of August.  They've been doing it for the past 85 years.  Yep, they were doing it before it was popular and since before I was born or my mother was born.  As usual, I won't be there...one of the things that happens when you move away from the family.  I think it's been around 15 years since I attended.  They probably have a record of it in the minutes.  Out of the five siblings of my grandpa's family only he and one sister remain, but the attendance is usually around 150 people.  That's a lot of descendants! 
I've been to more family reunions for other families, than my own.  Interesting how that works.  Have you ever been to someone else's family reunion?  I love sharing in the traditions of family.  My family has Norwegian and German lineage(ssshhhhh, don't mention that I know what UffDa! means).  It also means that I know when the Norwegian Independence Day is celebrated, I have eaten lutefisk and lefsa, enjoy krumkake, rosettes and sunbuckle cookies and have an appreciation for the art of rosemaling, a dislike for trolls and vikings and have floated in a canoe race.  All things Norwegian means one of these days I must make a trip to Norway and cruise the fjords.  There is a town in Norway that shares my mother's maiden name. 


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