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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be-Mar Chapel

This afternoon I was in Bixby, the old part, just south of 151st Street.  I was driving down Armstrong when a little chapel caught my eye.  I had seen it one other time and said I need to come back and check it out.  This week being so busy and all, I really didn't have the time until I stopped to take a picture of the chapel and an older gentleman stepped out of the building next to it and said, "It looks a whole lot nicer inside" or something like that.  Who can turn down an invitation like that?  So I parked my car, and followed Red into the chapel.  Once inside, my ears heard the sweet melody of Elvis singing Amazing Grace and my eyes beheld a most wonderful work of love.  Red built the chapel for his wife on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  They just celebrated their 59th anniversary last week.
You should stop by sometime and check out the chapel and Red's office next door.

Did I mention that Red is also a pilot who was stationed in Alaska back in the 1940s, the youngest person to stand at the north pole, built the first BIG FOOT, lived on an island for six months without electricity and running water, and has built his own casket that he uses for a desk...just to mention a few of the things Red has accomplished.


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