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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's that time of year...ADMIT

Each year the church I attend hosts a conference for ministers called ADMIT.  ADMIT stands for Apostolic Ministers in Training.  I head up the daycare portion of the event.  Last year, we had around 50 kids show up ages from toddlers thru 11 years old.  What a rowdy bunch!!! 
We have some of the best people a church could have and they volunteer their time to provide daycare for the conference attendees' children.
This year is no different.  We will have the children in our care 12+ hours each day.  Thank God it's only two and a half days.  By the time Friday night rolls around, I'm not sure who's more tired, the kids or the workers.  The kids play so hard, they wear themselves out.  Two years ago, the Friday afternoon playtime became blissful naptime because the kids were so tired.
We will have a treat this year from our Puppet Club.  The staff will be putting on a performance each night.  It will be a lot of fun for both the adults and kids.
Let the chaos begin!


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